4WD or high clearance desired

39° 33' 35"N, 117° 04' 54"W USGS Yankee Blade Quad

VISITED 5/14/2005. Our Dinner: Eggs, sausage, & hash browns @ Dixie Valley turnoff
DIRECTIONS Highway 50E from Fallon 109.4 miles to the junction of SR 305; North on SR305 about 1.8 miles; turn right onto local road and continue north and then northeast about 3 miles. From Fallon: 114.2 miles

The Civil War was raging when gold discoveries in the Reese River Valley resulted in an influx of prospectors, and camps seemingly dotted the landscape. Among them was the tiny camp of Amador, established in the spring of 1863. By the fall, several hundred lived here and in "adjacent Coral City," according to Paher. In 1864 and 1865, there was a fair amount of activity and several establihments were operating; by 1866 the camp had died.

POST OFFICE April 6, 1864 - April 24, 1866

We couldn't have asked for nicer weather on the day we visited Amador- unfortunately, the mosquitoes were out in full force, and were thirsty. Thankfully, we had some very effective repellant which worked well. It still makes me nervous, though, when the bottle says, "WARNING! WILL DAMAGE WATCH CRYSTALS, STAINLESS STEEL, AND IF SPILLED WILL CREATE A HOLE ALL THE WAY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH! DIRECTIONS! RUB ON SKIN!" But hey, the stuff works.

Anyway, there are a few scattered rock remains of buildings here, on this alluvial fan coming out of Amador Canyon. Paher's book describes an adjacent site, but we didn't have a lot of time to explore the surrounding countryside. Up the canyon is a large pile of tailings and the remains of a building complete with pump.

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