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  Airway Beacon 35

40.925091°, -117.398051°


August 6, 2014
Our Breakfast: Eggs at the Black Rock Grill in Lovelock
Our Supper: Burgers and French Dips at the Black Rock Grill in Lovelock


Directions: Take I-80 East through Winnemucca, past Golconda, to the Golconda Summit Rest Stop. Inside the resst stop, take the mini-exit towards Winnemucca and cross under the freeway. Take the road up from the sand piles to the site (see map)


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Brian and Charlotte Smith's outstanding website offer the following information about this particular beacon:

Transcontinental Airway
Route established September 8, 1920

Pilots Log February 21, 1921, Between SLC + 363. Humboldt Lake, NEV. and SLC + 388. Hazen, Nev. segment
U. S. Post Office pilots

Night Airmail

Flights started on July 1, 1924

Contract Air Mail

CAM #18 San Francisco CA-Chicago IL
Route established July 1, 1927
San Francisco-Salt Lake airway
Reno-Elko section
Boeing Air Transport awarded CAM #18 on January 28, 1927


Air Commerce Bulletin Vol 2 No.10 Page 265
This SF-SL airway beacon will be discontinued effective November 30, 1930.
Site No. 35__ 2,000,000 candlepower beacon light in operation near Preble and two red course lights flashing characteristic No. 5


Nice view of Winnemucca and the freeway rest stop from up here. Relatively easy to get to, this arrow "bends" to tell the pilot, "You should stop going that way and start going this way." Not much debris up here, did manage to find a couple of old cans.

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