Benadum's Freight Station We Visited:
39 16' 46"N, 118 16' 09"W - FRENCHMAN quad

Directions: 32.5 miles east of Fallon on highway 50

From Fallon: 32.5 miles

4WD or high clearance desired

What Was

Andrea Rossman over at the Churchill County Museum graciously provided some background on Charles Benadum:

Charles Benadum was born in Kansas on March 20, 1860. In 1907 he and his wife Sarah [Guire] arrived in Fallon. He was considered a "Johnny Come Lately," by the local business crowd, but at the age of forty-seven, Benadum quickly established a freighting business serving the booming mining towns of Fairview and Wonder. He later operated a stage line and began acquiring property in Fallon, opening a blacksmith shop which he later converted to a garage as the use of automobiles increased. He saw the need to assist the children who lived in the rural areas so he started a bus route. Benadum wanted to enhance the community he lived in. Always civic-minded, he held up the belief that the future was filled with opportunities for the city of Fallon. He served as first president of the first commercial club organized here. He served many years in public office as deputy sheriff, county commissioner for six years, city councilman for four years, and as police judge. He passed away in October 3, 1944.

Benadum had a freight station at Frenchman's [shown below] and later also had facilities at 105 North Maine Street.

What is

Frenchman's is, of course, gone, and with it any remnants of anything that once stood there. Haven't looked to see what's at 105 North Maine Street yet.

Benadum's Freight Station at Frenchman's.
(photo courtesy Churchill County Museum)
Mr. Benadum in his North Maine Street office.
(photo courtesy Churchill County Museum)
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