There are Four Tomes I constantly reference for Nevada Ghost Town and Mining Camp hunting that I always have within arm’s reach. They are:

These books should form the core of your library. If you don’t have them, you should buy them. Now.

If you click on the links here, you will be taken directly to where you can load up your shopping cart with all kinds of goodies. And there is a reason you should do just that. If you do, Luis and I will get a cut of the profits.

Now, it’s not enough of a cut where we’ll be touring Nevada in an 80’ custom diesel pusher motorhome towing a couple of chrome-plated Unimogs. [sigh]

But we might end up with enough for a tank of gas once a year. And each tank of gas brings us closer to a ghost town that is far too dangerous, far too dirty and snake-ridden, and far too troublesome for you to visit.

And that’s what it’s all about, right? Exploring Nevada So You Don’t Have To™. So by buying those books via our web site, you may actually be saving your own life. Something to think about.

Hold your mouse over the picture of each book to see the entire title- Amazon likes to cut it off a bit. And don't let the prices shown freak you out. Often they're available in cheaper soft-cover or even used for a lot cheaper.

Shawn Hall Books
William O. Vanderberg Books
Arcadia Publishing
Miscellaneous Books

Specialty Publications

Can Chronology by Jim Rock
Coyote Press [download from S. Oregon University]
Churchill County In Focus 1988-1989
Available from the Churchill County Museum
1050 South Maine Street, Fallon, Nevada 89406
Four Score Plus Three- My Life In Churchill County - Roy Cox Williams
Historic Site Studies : Spectral Mining Camps - Dr. William C. Davis, Ph.D.
Desert Magazine Online
From Fence Post to Fiber- Histories of the Telephone Industry in Nevada 1887-1997 Nevada Telecommunications Association
Handbook of Nevada Antiquities Law Dansie, Montelone, and Tuohy
Magee Station and the Churchill Chronicles Roberta Childers

Manufacturer and Builder
Publisher: Western and Company
Nevada Historical Marker 216- Stillwater  
Legend of the Lost Graves of Three Sisters, The

Ed Vogel

Pony Express in Central Nevada, The - Archaeological and Documentary Perspectives B0006E3W3C  Donald L. Hardesty
Nickel Deposits In Cottonwood Canyon, Churchill Co., NV University of NV Bulletin Vol. XXXIII Dec. 1, 1939 No. 5, Geology and Mining Series #32, H.G. Ferguson
Personal Correspondence - Crystal Alegria- Wells Fargo Historical Services

Hugh Shamberger Series

Born in Idaho in 1900, Hugh A. Shamberger, graduated from Stanford University with an engineering degree and worked at surveying and engineering jobs in California, arriving in Nevada early in 1929. Shamberger began a new phase of his career, working at mining and engineering in the developing community of Las Vegas. He then entered the state service, first in the State Highway Department, and then in the office of the State Engineer. While in this office Shamberger pioneered several techniques of studying the water resources of his adopted state, and wrote of his researches in several monographs that are widely used.

His books have always been some of my favorites, and they are extremely useful in their details of old mining camps, especially with respect to their water systems, which was one of Shamberger's specialties. These books are all out of print as far as I know, but are sometimes available on Amazon.



Special thanks to Former Fallon Mayor Merton Domonoske for writing his book on Bernice, inspiring us to go exploring, Dr. William Davis, PhD (R.I.P.) for pointing us in the right direction, Jane Pieplow and Bunny Corkill and the Churchill County Museum for sending me the CD of photos and letting me paw through their stuff, Luis for convincing me to sell the stupid BMW and buy the Arctic Cat. And thanks to Bill Harpole (R.I.P.) from Portland just because.

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