4WD or high clearance desired
  Bobcat OHV Trail

Cox Canyon, IXL Canyon, Job Peak QUADS

VISITED 9/21/2009. Our Dinner: Hot Roast Beef Sandwiches
DIRECTIONS From Fallon, east on Highway 50 4.9 miles to Stillwater Rd (SR 116); NE on Stillwater Rd 26.0 miles From Fallon: 30.9 miles

OK, so it's not really a "historic" site, technically speaking, but it does take you through some pretty country and there are a couple of cabins in the area for your camping pleasure. I would imagine at one time this road, which basically connects Stillwater with Dixie Valley, may have been used by people journeying between the two areas.


Starting from the Stillwater (west) side of the trail, we first came upon a BLM marker which was pointing right towards Poco Canyon instead of directing us left up Job Canyon, so that's the way we took. Although our GPS's screamed in protest, we continued up the trail and took a detour down Big Box Canyon, observing some lovely camping spots. Backtracking a bit, we observed another BLM marker which directed us north to the Job Canyon route, which we wook down to the Valley floor. After examing Dixie Valley a bit and having some lunch, we cruised down to Coyote Canyon to visit the cabin there,and then returned. This time, we turned west at the relay station (the BLM marker being too shot up to tell which way it wanted us to go) and took West Job Canyon all the way back. My map software says the eastern slopes of these trails average a 15% grade, while the western slopes average about a 9% grade. The entire loop is about 22 miles.

Road is rocky, and pay attention to fallen rocks and occasional trees blocking the road. Fairly rutted in spots, and dusty, dusty, dusty.

Here is our GPS track on Google Maps.

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