Chalk Wells We Visited: 8-13-2002
39 06' 12"N, 117 50' 15"W - BURNT CABIN SUMMIT quad

Directions: Highway 50 east from Fallon for 50.5 miles- continue east on SR 722 for 8.2 miles; make a right onto Buffalo Creek Road. Continue on this road for 15.1 miles; turn right (west) for 2.7 miles. About 2000 feet west of alledged site of POrter STation, take nasty jeep trail heading NW for about 2.2 miles

From Fallon: 77 miles

4WD or high clearance desired

What Was

Unknown. Guessing it was some sort of stage or freight stop at one time. There was a considerable amount of activity of various kinds, as evidenced by the debris. Also, there is a large mill in the area, in nearby Nye County.

Post Office: None

Newspaper: None

What is

Shacks and junk. But interesting shacks, and lots and lots of interesting junk.

You can still find intact bottles if you look hard enough.
This palace has managed to stay upright for quite a spell.
This one, not faring so well.
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