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  Copper (Lander Co.)

40.6029668 -117.0464925 Galena Canyon, NV Quad

VISITED 4/28/2018
Our breakfast: Black Rock Grill, Lovelock
Our dinner: Steaks at the Owl Club, Battle Mountain
Our motel: The Big Chief in Battle Mountain
Our Breakfast: Eggs at Broadway Colt Inn Casino, Battle Mountain
DIRECTIONS From Battle Mountain, head south on Broad St. (NV 305) for 5 miles; turn west on local road and head generally NW and W for about 2.4 miles.

Also known as "Copper Basin" but not to be confused with "Copper Canyon" which is now just a deep, deep hole about 6 or so miles to the SW. Copper Canyon tried to get a post office in 1917 but it was rescinded.

Copper sprang into existence around 1897. The camp itself had only about fifty people. The peak came from 1918 though 1924, when much exploratory work was being done. Leaseholders worked the mines until about 1935, when the Copper Canyon Mining Co. regained control of the mines. They didn't do anything with them, and leased the mines to another company until after World War II, when they regained control of the mines-- and didn't do much of anything with them. In 1957, they left. In the late 1960's the mines were worked again by another company, who is still poking around and digging holes, destroying much of the old site.
-Shawn Hall, Romancing Nevada's Past

Organized two years after discoveries in 1864, the Little Giant mine was the first steady producer. Idle from 1885 to 1997, renewewd operation under the Glasgow and Western Coompany started the small camp of Copper Basin. Turquoise, gold, silver, and lead were mined here, but the main ore sought after was low-grade copper. Peaking during World War I, activity dropped off after that.
-Stanley Paher, Nevada Ghost Towns and Mining Camps


POST OFFICE May 3, 1906 - November 15, 1906

Lots of signs warning about ore trucks but don't know if mine here is still active. Some flattened ruins. I've only made one album of photos of the entire area so when you click on "photographs" below you'll see photos from Galen as well as Copper, Old Battle Mountain, and Buckingham, and click the "Go Back" button you'll return here.

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