Coppereid We Visited: 5-20-2001
39 50' 56"N, 118 12' 53"W - FONDAWAY CANYON

Directions: Take Stillwater road past Stillwater; take turnoff into White Cloud Canyon approx.. 23 miles past turn off for Mtn. Well and LaPlata (marked with sign)

From Fallon: 50 miles

4WD or high clearance desired

What Was

Copper, gold, silver mines. The Reese River Reveille noted that Major B.B. Bee (he must have had a lot of fun with that name) and a Mr. Frederick Smith "discovered" the district in 1868, but it wasn't organized as a district until 1869. It seems they had also "discovered" some natives at the same time, which hampered their efforts. Unionville's John Fall did the first work in the 1870's; a smelter was built in the lower potion of the town in the 1890's; and the Nevada United Mining Company's John Reid did extensive prospecting in the early part of the twentieth century. A lot of people think White Cloud City was also called Coppereid, or is nearby- the truth is the city was laid out but never built. At one time there was talk of a railroad spur from Parran:

A Wall Street Corporation has a franchise for a line from Parran to White Cloud. Shadyrun alone has not warranted the projection of a railroad into the district but industrious development done there makes far more certain of the contemplated line being put through. Churchill County Eagle - July 9, 1908

Post Office: Apr 1907 - Jun 1914
Newspaper: None

What is

Coppereid is actually two separate sites, upper and lower. Remains of wooden buildings, stove, and mines in upper canyon- lower canyon has remains of three rock buildings, most likely copper smelter and supporting structures. Canyon has signs of recent and repeated washouts. One stone building is on the verge of being undermined. The road from lower to upper portion of town is gone now and replaced by a waterfall and pond. It is a victim of a water from the main mine in the mid 1950's. Possible to hike from end of road past water to upper portion. There is also a road that goes from lower to upper Coppereid which begins about 3.5 past the White Cloud Canyon turnoff and goes up Grimes Canyon (see map) Wood buildings now resting on ground are odd in that there doesn't seem to be any floors, and walls are not very high, suggesting partial dugouts. Water which still dribbles from the largest mine has created a tiny ecosystem of trees, grasses, and swamp.

Road to lower Coppereid site
Rock ruins south of wash
Rock ruins south of wash
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