Cox Canyon We Visited: 3/8/2002 and 10/4/2003
Our Dinner: Sausage appetizers and broiled steak 'n eggs
39 41' 18"N, 118 16' 09"W - COX CANYON quad

Directions: From Fallon, east on Highway 50 4.9 miles to Stillwater Rd (SR 116); NE on Stillwater Rd 30.6 miles; E on local road for about 2 miles

From Fallon: 37.5 miles

4WD or high clearance desired

What Was

A fair amount of mining activity took place in Cox Canyon. Vanderburg notes that most of the work here took place in the late 1930's, but there was no production.

If there is any other historical significance to Cox Canyon, it escapes us- but that won't be the first time that's happened.

Post Office: None

Newspaper: None

What Is

There may have been no production, but someone went to an awful lot of trouble. Thre are a two or three building remains up here, along with several mines and their accompanying chutes, rail systems, etc. It was a pleasant ride, with lots of interesting little things to see.

We returned again in October of 2003 to try and find a route through Cox Canyon over the Stillwater range to IXL Canyon, and thence of Old Man Kellog's Sooper Sekrit Cabin. The map showed a road available over the ridge, which would drop us off at a location an "easy walk" from the cabin. Unfortunately, we were unable to locate the road, and instead had to rely on the road going up the wash, which was blocked every hundred or so feet by downed pine trees. After clearing the trees or going around them, we reached a point where we could make better time just by hoofing it. Unfortunately, we were running out of time, and were forced to turn back lest we end up hking through the mountains at night.

A stone building crumbles slowly
Wood strains against rock
A view of Cox Canyon from near the top of the Stillwater Range
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