Craig Station (Nye County) We Visited: 12 July 2003
Our Dinner: Middlegate Cafe - Steak sandwiches!
38 55' 42"N, 117 48' 41"W - ELLSWORTH quad

Directions: Highway 50E from Fallon 47 miles to Middlegate and the junction of Highway 361; Turn S on SR361 for 29.9 miles; left on SR844; 0.5 miles E to local road, turn left; N on local dirt road 1 mile; E on local dirt road 5.5 miles

From Fallon: 83 miles

4WD or high clearance desired

What Was

Craig Station was an important stop on the road between Ellsworth and Downeyville. I have seen some references call it McKeehan Station as well.

Post Office:

Newspaper: none

What is

Craig Station appears sudddenly on your left as you're heading up the canyon. I was trying to imagine how difficult it would have been to pull a loaded wagon up this road to Ellsworth, and it seems like this location would be a welcome stop. The road no longer goes all the way up to Ellsworth, erosion having changed the landscape a bit. Still, it is possible to hike in or use 4WD, if you have some time to spend, and like tearing up the landscape. Us, bein' the couple of Nature Boys that we are, we just took the easy way, as explained under the Directions on the Ellsworth page.

Apparently there was a wooden building in front of and attached to what was probably the original stone dugout. The former has collapsed, leaving the remains of the latter. This is a beautful canyon.

The remains of Craig Station
A view from up top, showing the dug-out construction
A vew to the SE down the canyon
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