4WD or high clearance desired
  Double Eagle Mine (Churchill Co.)

N39.26036 W117.87829 - Eastgate, NV QUAD

VISITED We Visited: February 14, 2015
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DIRECTIONS Head east from Fallon on U.S. 50 for 52 miles to the junction of NV 722; take 722 and continue east over Carroll Summit for 7.7 miles; turn right (south) on local dirt road for 16.6 miles; turn right (west) on local road for about 1.0 miles.
From Fallon:
77.3 miles

Folks started earnestly poking around these hills in the early 1900's. E. W. Baker made the first locations in 1906. According to Vanderberg in 1939, The Gold Ledge Group, as it was then called, was worked intermittently by small groups until the Monarch Gold Ledge Mining company got serious about it in 1934. They even erected a small 50-ton mill nearby to the north west, but things didn't work out and the equipment was sold in 1939. At one time there was a 7 x 6 inch Sullivan air compressor belt driven by an automobile engine, a West Coast 5HP gasoline geared hoisting engine, a cabin for four men, and a blacksmith shop.

It is reported that the Monarch Gold Ledge Mines, operating in the Eastgate range, in Churchill county, will equip its property with electric power equipment, consisting of a hundred horsepower Diesel engine, connected with an electric generator, and a transmission line linking the plant with the mine workings. The installation will be made three miles below the mine at a point close to the Lincoln highway, where water is available, and where the proposed miling plant will be installed later.
Reno Evening Gazette, 1932, October 14

Running lately on one shift because of a shortage of water, the fifty-ton amalgamating-concentrating mill of the Monarch Mine Company started again yesterday on a two shift basis. Ore is hauled in motor trucks four and a half miles from the mine high above the elevation of the mill and from the crusher is elevated to the fine-ore bin passing to a Hardinge ball mill in closed circuit with a Dorr Simplex classifier thence over two almalgamating plates through two Pierce amalgamators and over a concentrating table.
Reno Evening Gazette, 1933 September 6

Fallon, Nev. (Special) Development work along plans outlined by January Jones is following the recent merger of his interests in the Dan Tucker Property, twenty-five miles east of Fallon, with mill and other properties of the Monarch Gold Ledge Company into the United Goldfields Company.
Reno Gazette Journal, 1934, October 17

The mill formerly in the property of the Monarch Gold LEdge property near Eastgate, recently purchased by the kent Company at Fallon, has been sold again to a man named Romano, who it is reported, will move it to a mine on Peavine Mountain a few miles northwest of Reno. the mill has a capacity of about twenty-five tons.
Reno Evening Gazette, 1938, September 3




A pleasant drive but you really should have a high-clearance vehicle just in case. You're up in the trees here, and watch the road conditions. Someone up here was very busy, and there are some remains of various buildings and workings.

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