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DIRECTIONS Take US 95 south from Fallon for 71.4 miles; continue south on SR 359 for 4.1 miles; turn right and head west on Lucky Boy Pass Rd (National Forest Development Rd 026) for 16.5 miles. and then the Bodie road for 3.3 miles.

There were at least four large mills here-- one of them made of brick-- that served the mines of Aurora. For some reason, in the 1870's, they were being auctioned, and we are lucky enough to have some descriptions from a San Francisco paper:

Wednesday........ July 6, 1870
At 12 O'clock ar salesrooms
327 Montgomery St.
Those splendid mills known as "REAL DEL MONTE BRICK MILL," "TUCKER AND STARK WOODEN MILL," "ANTELOPE MILL," and "OLD ANTELOPE WOOD MILL," on Bodie Gulch, Near Aurora, Esmeralda County, State of Nevada, and described as follows:

All of that certain piece of land or parcel of land, with the mills and Mill property erected thereon, situate, lying, and being on Bodie Gulch, or creek, near Aurpra, in said Esmeralda County, bounded and decribed as follows:

Commencing at a stake 100 feet, more or less, west of Bodie Gulch and about one third of a mile north of what is known as Bodie's Mill, on said gulch of creek; thence running easterly across a dam on said gulch, 396 feet to a stake, thence running northerly along a line of survey down said gulch or creek known as Esmeralda Gulch, thence running northwesterly down said Esmeralda Gulch to its junction with said Bodie Gulch; thence running in a northwesterly direction, and scross said Bodie Gulch, to the center of a water tank 25 feet, more or less, northwesterly from and below the Mill known as the "Real Del
Monte Brick Mill," lately belonging to REAL DEL MONTE CONSOLIDATED GOLD AND SILVER MINING COMPANY, and running thence southerly to the point of commencement.

And, also, two mills and mill houses on said land, known as the "Brick Mill" and the "Tucker and Stark Wooden Mill," and all the machinery, steam engines, boilers, batteries, amalgamating pans, seperators, tubs, tanks, pumps, belting, and all tools and other property in and about or belonging to said Mill and Houses. Also, the Balcksmith shops, dwelling houses, stables, and all other personal property, or every name, nature, and description whatsoever, in, or upon, or belonging to the said land and mill property. And also the undivided one-half interest in and to a certain water privelege and flume carrying water to the water tank afore said for the use of the said Real DelMonte Consolidated G. and S.M. Co. and the Antelope S.M. Company, wth all the rights, priveleges, franchies thereto incident, appendant and appurtenant, or therewith usually had and employed. The Brick Mill contains two boilers, Goss & Lambert engine, Corliss Cutoff, thirty stamps, two large breaking stamps, twenty four wheeler pans, twelve seperators, two pans for cleaning amalgam, and all other necessary machinery for working silver ore. This is the finest mill on the Pacific Coast, and cost over $225,000.

The Tucker and Stark Mill has one engine, with 10-inch cylinder, one boilers, ten stamps, 20 pans, with appurtencenances complete, for reducing silver ore, and cost $70,000. The mill site contains 600 feet square, more or less, and is southerly from the mill site on which the quartz mill known as the Real Del Monte Consolidated G. & S.M. Co. is erected, and adjoins the mill site of the Del Monte.


All that certain piece of land on Bodie and Esmeralda Gulches... commencing at the center of the water tank, 25 feet, more or less, northerly from and below the mill formerly known as the new brick mill of the Real Del Monte Consolidated G. & S.M. Co. on Bodie Gulch, and running thence southeasterly to the junction of Bodie's Gulch and Esmeralda Gulch, thence up said Esmeralda Gulch to the eastern boundary of the original location; thence along said eastern boundary line in a northerly direction down to the southern boundary of what was called Peter Gamble's Mill Site; thence westerly along said boundary line 200 feet, more or less, to the western boundary line of said original lcoation, thence southerly along said wester boundary line to a point where a line is drawn accross said Bodie's Gulch through the center of said water tank would intersect said western boundary line of sai doriginal location; and thence easterly to the center of said tank and place of commencement; Being the same premises described in a certain deed executed by Alex Gamble and the Real Del Monte Consolidated G. & S.M. Co. to Antelope Silver Mining Company, Jan. 26, 1864, and recorded in the office of the Recorder of said Esmeralda County, in Book B of Deeds, pages 111, 112, 113, and 114. Together with the Brick Mill threone, known as the Antelope Brick Mill, having one engine, with 14-inch cylinder, two 54 inch boilers, twenty stamps, two large breaking stamps, sixteen pans, with all appurtances complete and in perfect order.

That certian tract of land on said Esmeralda Gulch, in the County and State aforesaid, being about three fourths of a mile westerly from Aurora, and contains five acres of land, more or less; Together with the mill thereon, known as the Old Antelope Wood Mill, having one Engine, 12-inch cylinder, one 54 inch boiler, eight stamps, sixteen pans. The four mills will be sold sperately or together, and with or without the land.

TERMS-- one-third cash; balance in six and twelve months, secured.
NOTE-- The above properties can be purchased at any time previous to day of sale upon the MOST FAVORABLE TERMS, AS TO CREDIT, etc.





If you judge this location by what it looks like today- a sleepy little stop on the road from Aurora and Bodie-- you'd be mistaken. This was the center of some major milling activity, and if you keep your eyes open you can see the remains even as they are being reclaimed by nature.

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