Desert Station We Visited: 9/13/2001
39 15' 45"N, 119 03' 21"W - HOOTEN WELL quad

Directions: Take U.S. 50 to Silver Springs, proceed south for 9.9 miles; turn east on the Simpson Road; 8.3 miles to local dirt road; take right and proceed 3.4 miles

From Fallon: 21.6 miles

4WD or high clearance desired

What Was

From the National Park Service:

L.C. Bishop and Paul Henderson, as well as the mail contract of 1861, list Desert as a station between Carson Sink and Fort Churchill. This obscure station probably housed telegraph activities and possibly served as a Pony Express station during the last few months of its existence. A good source of water later made the station a popular stopping point for travelers, miners, and teamsters in the 1860s.

Desert Station probably served as both a Pony Express station and an Overland Mail station.

Post Office: None
Newspaper: None

What is

A faded trail, crumbling foundations, just another abandoned station slowing sinking into the ground.

The ravages of time etc. etc. etc. Looking east with the pony express trail right in the middle
The desert is slowly reclaiming this station
The larger of the two building remains, this one was probably for horses, hay, etc.
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