Dog Track We Visited: Quite a few times
Location 39 33.71'N, 118 56.18'W Soda Lake West Quad

Directions: From Fallon, take Highway 50 west for 8.1 miles to Trento Lane; travel north on Trento for 4.1 miles until pavement ends; continue on dirt road for about 0.9 miles; turn generally NW on dirt road for about 2.1 miles; turn right and proceed 0.3 miles; turn right and proceed another 0.3 miles; release the hounds!

From Fallon: 15.8 miles

4WD or high clearance desired

What Was

I don't know a whole heck of a lot about the Dog Track, other than the fact that it's there. Someone, at one time or another, decided it would be fun to race some dogs (presumably greyhounds) in the middle of the desert, and to provide some gambling and a few prostitutes to go along with it.

I wouldn't be a bit surprised if there was consumption of alcoholic beverages as well.

Local cattlemen donated beef- I don't know if it was willingly or unwillingly- to feed the hounds. I'm told some of the mounds in the area are not all sand, but the bones and carcasses of slaughtered cattle. I didn't feel like digging to find out.

Who ran the place, when, and for how long is a mystery to us at this point. I'm guessing sometime in the 1930's - 1960's judging by the debris.

Post Office: None
Newspaper: None

What is

Aside from an oval road, some of the remaining fence, and what I'm guessing is a starting box, there isn't much left at the site. But it's pretty obvious what it was. Down the road a tad there are piles of junk from what I'm told is where the dogs were raised, the prostitutes plied their trade, and various supplies were kept.

The roads in the area are sandy with a capital "S" so don't bring Mom's Buick.

The graceful curve of the still outlines the track
One presume the hounds were released from this contraption to race
A kinda half-baked overview of the track
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