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  Fletcher's Station (Six Mile Station)

N38.35688 W118.89842  USGS Aurora Quad

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DIRECTIONS Take US 95 south from Fallon for 71.4 miles; continue south on SR 359 for 4.1 miles; turn right and head west on Lucky Boy Pass Rd (National Forest Development Rd 026) for 16.5 miles.

The railroad never came to Aurora, but it got as close as Hawthorne. But before that happened, Fletcher's Station-- also known as Six Mile Station-- became an important stop on the freight route over Lucky Boy Pass. Even after the arrival of the railroad, Fletcher's Station remained a place to teamsters and travelers to freshen up before continuing on to the camps.

After the mining camps heyday was over, Fletcher remained an important stop on the road between Bridgeport and Hawthorne .

The 1880 census shows the Fletchers in Nevada; in 1900 census it shows the Fletchers living in California; in 1910 it shows son Vick back in Nevada.

Even as late as 1930, a wash-out from a storm was enough to merit a newspaper article.

HAWTHORNE, Nev. The road through Bodie canyon from Fletcher's station was closed Thursday afternoon by a cloudburst. Cars from Bodie either came by the way of Bridgeport and Sweetwater or down Bodie Canyon to Del Monte canyon thence through the old camp of Aurora and by the way of Mud Springs back into the road over Lucky Boy grade. Either of these routes are open to travel and it may be some days before the road between Fletcher's and the old Del Monte Mill will be opened as it is reported that the road through the main canyon is badly washed out.
1931 August 15, Reno Evening Gazette

A gala Fourth of July celebration is being arranged at Fletcher Station sixteen miles south of Hawthorne by Tex Hall and Bob Tillotson. The usual big barbeque will be held at noon and a baseball game between the marines and a team yet to be decided upon will begin immediately after. A fireworks display will be shown in the evening.
1933, June 23, Reno Evening Gazette

I can't imagine enough people using this route that it would be profitable in the late 1940's, but who knows.

Fletcher Station Home Destroyed
YERINGTON- Fire destroyed the two story frame house at Fletcher's station Saturday morning. Fletcher's station was the halfway point for stage coaches, teamsters, and travelers between Bodie, Aurora, and Hawthorne in the early days. For many years the place was deserted except for an occasional cowboy who would make it a temporary summer camp. This spring, Mr. & Mrs, "Buck" Scott of Hawthorne renovated the house, putting in a bar and lunch facilities. About two months ago the place was leased by Mrs. Mildred Nobles of Hawthorne. Few thing were saved from the building which carried no insurance.
1949 September 23, Reno Evening Gazette

HAWTHORNE - Funeral services were held Sunday for Victor D. Fletcher, 89, of MIna, who died in the Mt. Grant Hospital last week. A native of Hollister, Calif., Mr. Fletcher was born June 11, 1869. He came to Nevada with his parents when he was four years old. He was a resident of the Fletcher Station ranch in 1911, when Mineral County was created from a portion of Esmeralda county. Mr. Fletcher's parents, pioneer residents of NEvada, operated the Fletcher ranch for many years in the days of wagon freighting over Lucky Boy grade between Hawthorne and Bodie, where Fletcher Station was an important stop on the stage route.
1958 April 4, Reno Evening Gazette


October 24, 1883 - November 30, 1918


Some rock foundations, a small rock house, and a lot of water and trees are left. Cows seem to find this spot enjoyable, as do circling hawks. Water gushes from a pipe out of a spring. Even after all these years, it's still a great resting spot. It's also home to a power substation, probably for the mines in the area.

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