Goldyke (Nye County) We Visited: 6-7-2003
Our Dinner: Home-made garlic beans and Hebrew National Beef Knockwurst
38 44' 14"N, 117 52' 07"W - GOLDYKE quad

Directions: Highway 50E from Fallon 47 miles to Middlegate and the junction of Highway 361; Turn S on SR361 for 36.1 miles, through Gabbs, to a large dirt road; drive S for 5.3 miles; turn left on local dirt road for 4.9 miles

From Fallon: 93.3 miles

What Was

Goldyke was part of the strike that cause Atwood to come into being. Paher says there was a small 5 stamp mill, and that Goldyke was smaller than Atwood.

Post Office: Jan 1906 to Oct 1910

Newspaper: Daily Sun

What is

The remains of a substantial rock building and some old car bodies are all that we could find of Goldyke. Scattered debris suggest a fair amount of activity in the late 1920's or thereabouts.

The main road coming into Goldyke
These cars are forever parked in front of Goldyke's largest building
Hard to say what was being attempted here- there is a rotting cow in the ooze of this spring.
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