Stillwater Photos

From the Nathan Bailey Collection©

Do Drop Inn 1950's.2.jpg

Do Drop Inn Fallon
(From the
W.J. Frenchu Collection)

Greenwood's Groceries.jpg

Same house as it was when I lived there 56' 57'

slow decay

Pool as it was when I lived there 56' 57'

Color photo of hot springs pool

I lived in this house in 1956

Known today as the red store by the bridge

Built by John Bell who purchased the property from my folks

Bee keeping where the old pool once stood

Stillwater Main St. 2006

Stillwater Main St. 2006

Stillwater School still used as a meeting hall


Stillwater School still stands although the bell needs repair

Hi Bob:  

In 1956 my parents moved from southern California to Stillwater, Nevada. I was only 7 years old and must admit this was a culture shock to anyone! However, once my brother and I realized we had a swimming pool and shotguns to go hunting pheasants and ducks we were in 7th heaven. I am now 57 years young and still have fond memories of Stillwater, Nevada. The surrounding landscape was more than simple desert- there were farmers and ranchers all over the valley.

 The swimming pool was made of concrete and raised above ground with a tin building structured over it, the water used in the pool was unfiltered mineral “Hot-Springs” pumped right into the pool from it’s own natural source on the property. There were two parts to the swimming pool…a shallow end with a barrier wall-much like a spa and then the deeper end to the balance of the pool, which over flowed and ran off the back to the irrigation ditch. Nonetheless, it was a great pool in it’s day as people from all over the county would come to take advantage of the therapeutic values the water had to offer. The water was always “HOT” and my father would charge .50 cents per visit. The old house adjacent to the property was at least 100 years old at the time we purchased it, yet my father “Nathan Bailey” has plans to renovate the house…then build a duck hunters lodge on the remaining 2-acres with a grocery store and gas station…unfortunately his plans did not come together.

 During the 50’s across the street was Greenwood’s Groceries and Post Office including a glass dome gas pump (very vintage) and gas if I remember was 14 cents a gallon- a high price as it was out of town (at least 2 cents more per gallon). Leslie Greenwood who had operated the store for many years after his mothers (retirement in 1940 as postmistress) then Mr. Greenwood was appointed Postmaster-offered can goods, Levi jeans (at under $5.00 per pair) shot gun shells and firearms for sale.

Greenwood’s Groceries was later purchased in 1960 by: John Savage who least the store to Mel & Bernice Nelson May 1960 and they operated the store for several years catering to the “Duck-Hunters” “Fishermen” and Locals of Stillwater. A mysterious fire gutted the store December 9 th 1963. John Bells who purchased my parents property directly across the road from Greenwood’s Groceries turned in the fire alarm. Bell built the Red Store shortly after the fire. Actually, the Red Store was more a “Bar” and gas station.

It was brought to my attention during my recent visit to Stillwater by: Karen (nicknamed) “Crazy Karen” Which by the way I didn’t find her to be Crazy at all…although she lives in a tin shanty that was once used as a movie prop in a “John Wayne” movie…was moved to it’s present location by her father as a home steader and purchased for a mere $200.00 years ago. Karen said she pays $38.00 a year in property tax and that’s the total of her annual rent-she gathers pieces of wood from the surrounding landscape for firewood to burn in her pot belly stove. Anyway, Karen mentioned that the old Greenwood store property had been recently purchased and the current owner has plans to reconstruct the Old Greenwood’s groceries as a replica landmark where locals will have a place to gather. Locals are currently gathering at the “Old School House” down the road.

 Many have moved to Stillwater with big plans…and as many have left in failure! I don’t know if Stillwater will ever be on the map again. My father’s plans were to cater to the “Duck Hunters” still today that seems to be the drive of some…There are several families who came to Stillwater many years ago as “Cattle Ranchers” and still today remain.

 The archive photo’s in the attachment of my e-mail are 2-photo’s of Maine Street Fallon. You’ll notice the “Do-Drop-Inn” my father bought that little restaurant back in the mid 50’s and it was quite popular to the local High School kids! My mother would operate the front counter and my father was the chief cook and bottle washer…with just a few booths, counter, pin-ball machine and juke box it was quite the hang-out for Fallon back when! It was the early days of “Elvis Presley” Rock and Roll-Buddy Holley & Lucky Strike cigarettes rolled up in the guys Tee-Shirt sleeve. The hair style was all about the pompadour and butch wax…Hot Rods with old flat head V8’s and tuck n’ roll interior.

 Ah those were the days! And parents thought their kids were out of control!

 Nathan Bailey
Formally from Stillwater Nevada
1950’s 1960’s era

Publisher, ACCENT Magazine
Albuquerque, New Mexico USA

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