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  Halfway House

40° 17.977N 118° 38.660W - TRINITY PASS quad


We Visited: 2/15/2002
We Visited: March 8, 2014
Our Breakfast:
Eggs at La Casita in Lovelock
Our Dinner : Bacon-wrapped sausages in a gravel pit somewhere.


From Fallon: Take US 95 north for 32.9 miles; turn east onto I80 towards Lovelock and proceed 28 miles to Exit 105; take frontage road (Business 95B) about 1.5 miles; turn left onto Main St.; go one block and turn left onto Western Ave (SR854).; proceed west 1 mile and turn north on Sand Hill Ave.; proceed 1.5 miles and turn west on Pitt Rd. (SR 399); proceed for 11.9 miles to dirt road; turn right onto dirt road


This station was used by the stage between Seven Troughs and Lovelock, and was situated-- oddly enough-- roughly halfway between the two, about 14 miles from Lovelock.

In the early months of the Seven Troughs boom, all freight consigned to the new camps was hauled from Lovelock in wagons drawn by heavy draft animals, while passenger traffic and the mails were shuttled over the road in four-horse stage coaches. The 30-mile trip from Lovelock was made with one change of animals at Halfway House-- a small station at a good spring of water on the west slope of the Trinities. Stages required about five hours to cover the distance, and wagons even longer. By averaging better time than even the fastest horse-drawn stage, automobiles captured the mail contracts by 1907, and because they scared the daylight out of any draft or saddle animal they chanced to meet en route, a toll road exclusively for their use was built a short distance south of the main stage road.

- NELL MURBARGER, Desert Magazine, June 1958


Aside from a corral which may or may not be part of the original site, some depressions, some scattered metal debris, and lots and lots of baling wire, there isn't much left here.

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