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  Hawe's Station (Haw's Station)

UTM 11 313731E 4366793N   USGS Silver Springs North Quad


September 28, 2013
Our breakfast: Eggs at The Silver Strike in Silver Springs

DIRECTIONS Take US 50 west from Fallon for 9 miles; turn left onto US 50 for 14.5 miles; turn right on dirt road, travel 0.2 miles, crossing RR tracks; turn left onto rough dirt road for about 1,500 '. From Fallon: about 24 miles

Hawes Station, says a BLM pamphlet, was built in the early 1850's to serve emigrants wanting to avoid The Narrows on the Carson River Route. It was on the California Emigrant Trail where it crosses an old alkali bed that was described by emigrant Hamden Cagwin as “curious dry sinks, level as water, solid as marble.”
It continued operation as a stage station on the Overland Mail and Stage route until the early 1870's when the train become more convenient. Bert Haws was the last owner, according to the Nevada Historical Society (1911)

Willet (not Willard, as some sources show) Gates, born in Nova Scotia in May of 1838 most likely built and operated the station originally. He married Barbara A. Newman in Lyon county in September of 1869. After selling it to D. W. Stockton, [Nevada Historical Society, Third Biennial Report, 1911-1912]he moved to Fresno and became a successful rancher, but apparently was accused of getting a fifteen year old girl in trouble, in the classical sense of the word. But we won't concern ourselves with that here. Mr. Stockton then sold it to Bert Hawes, and it has thence been referred to as Hawes Station.


Nice set of crumbling rock ruins right off the highway on the other side of the railroad tracks. remains of two rooms. Possible remains of a well surrounded by rocks. Well, everything is surrounded by rocks here.

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