Hess Ranch (Lander Co.)

N39.26548 W117.28815 Dutch Flat, NV Quad

VISITED June 6, D-DAY, 2015
Our Breakfast: Eggs at Jerry's in Fallon
Our Dinner: Burgers at Top-Gun in Fallon
From Fallon:
East on U.S 50 for 50.2 miles; turn south onto SR 722 and head east for 51.6 miles; head south on Reese River Road for 13.2 miles.

Near as we can tell, this ranch was started by Jacob Hess and then purchased and run by famous Lander county cattleman and rancher Patrick Walsh. According to a Walsh family website, after Mr. Hess's wife passed away, he sold the ranch and moved to California. It's shown on some maps as "Visbeek Ranch." Current owner is BTAZ NEVADA LLC, some corporation out of Nebraska, who purchased it from Austin's James Champie in 2011.

The 1875 Nevada State Census shows: Jacob Hess, age 23, occupation farmer, place of birth "at sea," and living in Nye County.

The 1880 U.S. Census shows a Jacob Hess, birthplace as "Baden," which I assume is Baden, Germany. 25 years old, occupation farmer, residing in the Reese River Valley with his 23 year old wife Leno, and daughter Rosa (3) and son Charles, (1).

The 1900 U.S. Census shows his birthplace as "at sea;" and already a widower, age 48 (born Jan 1852) with household members listed as Charles P Hess 21; Fred Hess 19; Jacob Hess 17; Cane Baker 29; Rose Baker 23; and James Dulin 64.

A listing for the Calvary Cemetery in Austin shows internment of a Helena Merten Hess, born Jan. 14, 1855 Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany;
death: Feb. 23, 1900 in Austin. It lists Children: Rose E. Harger (1877 - 1950)*, Charles Peter Hess (1879 - 1936)*, and Jacob Valentine Hess (1883 - 1954)*. Her husband is listed as Jacob Ernst Hess, Born Jan. 1, 1852, At Sea; Death: Jan. 16, 1932 and resting in Ripon,
San Joaquin County, California.

Personally, I think it's possible we're mixing up two different Hess's here, judging from what I'm running across in census records, so take everything here with a grain of salt. Anyone with less dicey data can contact Forgotten Nevada, Fact Checking Department, Forgotten Nevada Building, 84th Floor.

Mention in the news of the day seems to be brief.

Jacob Hess is a fortunate father of a bouncing boy baby.
2-18-1887, Reese River Reveille

Jacob Hess came in from Reese River
1887-05-14 Reese River Reveille

There will be a big bicycle race between the riders here and Jacob Hess of Reese River Valley in the near future.
1887-05-27 Reese River Reveille

Jacob Hess came in from Reese River
1887-06-21 Reese River Reveille

The Lander County Assessor lists the build date of hte following structures:

Bunk House -1900
Storage Shed -1900
Pump House -1920
Wash House -1940
Grainery -1920
Shop -1920





This is a lovely collection of buildings, some of which are undoubtedly pretty old. While we're certain it's private property, there were no "NO TRESPASSING" signs so we sauntered in and took photos. A large tanker truck passed by on the road and blew its horn several times upon seeing us in our bright raincoats, but we couldn't tell if it was a happy, Nevada-style, "Howdy, strangers in the middle of no place!" kinda of honk, or a "What the @#$&% are you city slickers doing over there?" kind of honk. So I imagine if you watch your step and don't do anything stupid, this place will be available for photos for a long time to come.

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