Jacobsville (Lander Co.) We Visited: 5/14/2005
Our Dinner: Eggs, sausage, & hash browns @ Dixie Valley turnoff
39° 30' 04"N, 117° 10' 52"W USGS Vigus Butte Quad

Directions: Highway 50E from Fallon 101.5 miles;turn left onto dirt road (through gate) and proceed generally N for about 0.6 miles.

From Fallon: 102.1 miles

4WD or high clearance desired

What Was

This site is (or was) also referred to as Jacob's Spring. While the Pony Express had a station located at Reese River Station, the Overland Mail and Stage company established its own station a mile to the east at Jacob's Spring. There was also a telegraph maintenance station built here. In 1862, when Lander County was created, Jacobsville became the county seat. By 1863, the rush was on in the Reese River Valley, and Jacobsville prospered, but eventually lost out to Austin.

Post Office: March 3, 1863 - April 9, 1864

What is

Bits and pieces of the past are all that remain. We looked around for some obvious signs that this was once a bustling town of 400 people. We didn't find anything.

Looking south from Jacobsville
A broken bottle here, a bit of can there
Wow. A piece of metal.
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