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41.09776 N, 119.40581 W    USGS Leadville Quad


September 14, 2013
Our breakfast: Eggs at Great Thyme Kitchen in Fernley
Our dinner: Burgers at Bruno's Country Club in Gerlach

DIRECTIONS Take US 50 / 50A west from Fallon for 27.3 miles; continue west for 3.2 miles on Main St in Fernley as it swings north and becomes SR 427 and intersects SR 447; make sharp right onto SR 447 and continue north to Gerlach for 78.2 miles; drive through Gerlach for 0.5 miles to the intersection of SR 34; bear right and continue north on SR 34 for 37.7 miles; Turn left on local dir road and bear west for about 1.0 miles. From Fallon: 147.9 miles

"The mine was located by one cowboy, Cosgreve, in 1913, who sold it to John Harman in 1915. Harman operated the mine for some time, and built a small mill, equipped with jigs and concentrating tables. One Floyd took a lease on the easterly part of the property and drove the present main haulage tunnel in 1916-1917. The Leadville Mines Company bought the property from Harmon in 1920. A mill was then built near the portal of the haulage tunnel and the mine has operated continuously since that time. From 1920 to 1926, 1,022,965 oounces of silver, 3,491,154 pounds of lead, and some copper and zinc were produced."
-Mine Report, April 1926, USBLM Document # 27300005

"Presumably the district was discovered in the early 1900's. According to the 1909 edition of Mineral resources of the United States, development work was proceeding in the district during that year. The year 1910 saw the first production from the Leadville District. John Harmon aquired the Leadville Mine, apparently before 1909, and organized the Tohoqu Mining Co., which developed the mine, built a 60 ton per day mill, and operated the mine until 1918. The mine was then acquired by A.A. Cod, who organized the Leadville Mining Co. in 1920. The mill erected by the Leadville Mining Co. was destroyed by fire in 1925 and not rebuilt. After the fire the mine was turned over to leasers and mined until 1928, when the State Inspector of Mines ordered it closed after a fire in the mine. It has not been worked since 1928, and the district has been idle since 1941."
- USBLM Report - 1984 - Document # 27300008


Unfortunately, we didn't spend a lot of time here, having been on road most of the day and facing a long trip back. That's our excuse, deal with it. There are two roads leading to the site; one might choose the higher road first to see what's on top and then travel down-- it looks easier than the reverse. There are a few structures still [barely] standing.

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