LeBeau Sisters Grave Site We Visited: 6 October 2001
39 17' 30"N, 118 26' 48"W - FOURMILE FLAT quad

Directions: 23.7 miles east of Fallon on Highway 50. A couple hundred feet north of the highway where it passes through the top of Four Mile Flat.

From Fallon: 23.7 miles

What Was

Three Le Beau sisters- Jennie, 9, Louise, 6, and Emma, 3_and Turner Wilson, 3- died from diptheria and buried here in 1864, or so the story goes. More accurately, after a flood in the early 1940's washed out the original graves, two skeletons were reburied here while the other two remain at the original site, roughly 0.5 miles north. Some written records, however, indicate the demise of the children at places and dates much different. Be that as it may, buried here or not, the site is a reminder of the trials and tribulations of pioneer crossings and of the many gravesites that will never be found. They say father Albert founded Frenchman's Station 10 miles to the east, but other records name a M. Bermond, hence the earlier name Bermond, Nevada. Frenchman's does, however, sit on the north end of Labou Flat, according to USGS maps, and the spelling is quite similar. Before the site was improved, in 1939 according to reports, there was only a Small marker with "LeB"

What is

You have to be careful when visiting the site as there is really no place to pull over, and folks aren't expecting you to be stopping. However, if you pull too far off the road, you risk sinking up to your rearview mirrors in slimy muck. Even though the surface looks dry and crusty, the slipperiest and slimiest mud you'll ever witness lurks just under the surface. You'll probably encounter some when you walk out to the grave, particularly in the Spring.

The signs are a bit faded, but various visitors have left toys, bit of jewelry, and coins on top of the grave.

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