The Lincoln Highway
This 1959 Fallon phone book map (oriented with north pointing towards the right) shows how Stillwater Avenue once actually went to Stillwater, and how one took Maine Street south in order to continue on U.S. Highway 50.
(map graphic courtesy CC Communications)
This Nevada DOT map shows how Nevada Highway 2 (U.S. 50) went through Fallon in 1934.
(map courtesy Nevda DOT)
An old section of U.S. 50 (now NV 722) crosses the Buffalo Wash at Eastgate
(photo courtesy Churchill County Museum)
In many places, the old highway serves as a frontage road for the new. Note roads on both sides of the present highway.
This section is south of present-day U.S. 50 by Hamilton, east of Ely, NV; it probably looks much the same as it did back in 1913.
Carroll Station, between Austin and Eastgate, probably in the 1950's or very early 1960's.
(Photo courtesy UNR Special Collections Library)
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