Monarch (Nye County) We Visited: 10-15-05
Our Dinner: Ribeyes at Cold Springs telegraph station!
38° 31' 56"N, 116° 53' 17"W USGS Belmont West Quad

Directions: East from Fallon on US-50 for 122.2 miles; then turn south on SR-376 for 63.1 mi; then turn East onto SR-377 for 15.5 miles; turn North onto SR-82 for 2 mi.; turn right on dirt road and travel generally NE for 2.7 miles.

From Fallon:

What Was

Ben Blanchard was a turn of the century con-man who, according to Mike McCormick of the Terre Haute, Indiana Tribune Star, "...acquired the reputation of being one of the slickest, likable, con men in the West." Blanchard discovered the largest strata of pure rock salt in the Western Hemisphere near Hutchinson, Kansas in 1887. He founded the nearby town of South Hutchinson, which still exists today. the other two towns he founded, Blanchard, Arizona, and Monarch, Nevada, were cons resulting in the theft of thousands of dollars. Blanchard sold lots and bilked investors out of their money and then vanished like a thief in the night. In Monarch, he managed to sell about 2400 lots, and eventually 130 residents lived there. But when the creditors came a'callin', the bubble burst, and Monarch was no more.

Post Office: None

Newspaper: None

What is

Something was here, but it's hard to tell what- we couldn't find much in the way of foundations or ruins in the area, although there is quite a bit of glass and numerous can dumps.

The remains of some foundations
Nothing left but rubble
An overview of the site
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