Mountain Well We Visited: April 7, 2001
39 27' 04"N, 118 22' 08"W - LA PLATA CANYON quad

Directions: Take HIghway 50 east out of Fallon, left on Stillwater Road. From downtown Stillwater drive 7.4 miles, take marked intersection 11.4 miles. La Plata is either 12.7 miles or 4.1 miles, depending on , road conditions, your vehicle capabilities, and level of bravery.

From Fallon: 32 miles

What Was

Springs in the area made Mountain Well an important water source, both for the Pony Express and for later Overland freight traffic between Fallon, Stillwater, La Plata, and later outlying areas like Wonder and Fairview.

Post Office: None

Newspaper: None

What is

Some corrals, wells, and a burned out trailer or two- probably not too far from its historic roots, when you get right down to it. The road between La Plata and Mountain Well- when we traveled on it- was so smooth it was scary.

Debris at Mountain Well
Panorama of Mountain Well, looking South
Sign on Stillwater side
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