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Exploring Nevada So You Don't Have To!

Instead of creating and laboriously updating a Google Map of historic Nevada sites, we are, instead,  going to convert everything to a Google Earth file.
We are doing this because it’s less work for me, and that’s a good thing.

For me.

Clicking on
will instruct your computer to download and possibly launch a

If you believe that The Google is evil, or you don’t have Google Earth installed,
or you think there is a great danger in downloading this file,
it is our fervent wish that you do not click on it.

If you do choose to click on it, you assume all risks inherent in such an operation,
including, but not limited to:

  • Instant Death
  • Prolonged and painful death
  • Horrid North Korean computer viruses
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • A strange, lingering rash
  • Electrical shock
  • Your personal data sucked into the Google database


However, the chances of these things happening are pretty slim, in our opinion.
What we believe you will actually experience is

  • A sense of awe and wonderment of all the places we’ve Explored So You Don’t Have To™
  • Easier access to historic sites
  • A better understanding of historic site location and geography

After completing an explorative trip, we update this file to include the most recent location as soon as we can. In most cases, if we have a page on the particular site, it’s already in the .KMZ file.

NOTE: White icons are generally mining camps, and red icons are generally stations of some kind.

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