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  Niptown (White Pine Co.)

39°55'38.42"N 114°52'50.88"W

VISITED September 19, 2020
Our breakfast: Auctioneer Diner, Fallon
Our dinner: The Cellblock, Ely
Our motel: Bristlecone Motel, Ely
Our breakfast: Nardi's, Ely
Our dinner: Evah's, Ely
Our breakfast: Nardi's, Ely
DIRECTIONS From Cherry Creek: East of Cherry Creek, take White Pine county Rd 25 NE for about 0.38 miles; turn left on dirt road and head north fpr about 0.8 miles; turn left and head generally NW for about 1 mile.

There appear to be mill ruins and such there, but I can’t find much information on it at all. Nothing in Stanley Paher’s  Nevada Ghost Towns and Mining Camps; nothing in Shawn Hall’s Ghost Towns and Historic Sites of Eureka, Lander, and White Pine Counties; nothing in Carlson’s Nevada Place Names. It’s listed with the USGS Domestic Names database, it’s shown on the USGS topo map (along with “Uppertown”) and I found a Nevada State Journal obituary (July 11, 1953) for a William L. Baird, which said he was born there in 1882. And that's it. Emailed the White Pine Museum to see if they had any information, but haven't heard back.


Several large ore chutes in the area, some pretty old looking, and some contemporary, eg. welded steel pipe.

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