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  Rock Point Mill

39.246558N, 119.589148W USGS Dayton, NV Quad

VISITED July 30, 2005
DIRECTIONS Take US 50 E from Fallon for 43.6 miles. From Fallon: 43.6 miles

As early as 1861, The Rock Point Mill was built. It was owned by Hugh Logan, J.R. Logan, James P. Holmes, and john Black. It was one of the largest mills in the country, the main building being 90' x 100', with waterwheel of 100 horsepower, forty-two stamps, and reduced 50 tones of rock per day, working for both silver and gold. The water was brought a distance of two thousand feet, part of the way in a flume two feet wide and three feet deep. The dam was built of stone and timber, and, with the race, cost over ten thousand dollars. The wheel was sixteen feet in diameter and had 40 buckets holding, when full, 6,000 pounds of water. The mill and all cost $200,000 and, in 1868, was owned by the Imperial Silver Mining Co., who made improvements in teh dam and the flume costing $93,000. This is the only mill site that has survived the wreck and decay of fifty years, and still remains "The Rock Point Mill."
-Nevada Historical Society Papers- 1921-1922



Now part of Dayton State Park in Dayton, NV. It's right by the side of hte road and you've probably driven past it a hundred times thinking to yourself, "some day I'll stop there."
(All photographs from the W.R. Frenchu collection- All Rights Reserved)

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