Sonoma (Lyon County) We Visited: 5/15/2004
Our Dinner: Scrambled eggs, and sausages!
38 26.21'N, 119 6.30'W - THE ELBOW quad

Directions: West on Highway US 50 for 27.9 miles to Silver Springs; South on US 95A for 30.8 miles; south on SR 339 for 12 miles; generally West on SR 208 for 10.1 miles; South on SR 338 for 28.3 miles; east on National Forest Development Road 028 to 4.3 miles.

From Fallon: 106.6 miles

4WD or high clearance desired

What Was

Another mystery. I have no information about what Sonoma was, or why it was here. The only references I can find are for a site of a similar name in Humboldt County.

Post Office: None

Newspaper: None

What is

You'd never know Sonoma was here unless you were looking for it- not much remains except for some flattened cans, crockery, and an small, sad abandoned cemetary.

It's on this 1909 USGS map, so I'm goign to assume it was an active camp at that time.
All that remains now is cans, broken glass, and some pattery.
This forlorn graveyard with six graves lies on a small knoll 3/4 miles to the east. Identification was apparently tied to the rocks with wire,; it's now missing. Interestingly, there are many jars and even some plastic flower stems left by fairly recent mourners.
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