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  Sunshine Station

N 38.269251 W118.949505  USGS Aurora Quad

VISITED October 16, 2004. Our Dinner: Black Bean Burrito and chili Macaroni MRE's
July 18, 2015 Our Breakfast: Eggs at Dini's Casino in Yerington
July 18, 2015 Our Dinner: Burgers at Kings Diner in Yerington
DIRECTIONS Take US 95 south from Fallon for 71.4 miles; continue south on SR 359 for 4.1 miles; turn right and head west on Lucky Boy Pass Rd (National Forest Development Rd 026) for 16.5 miles. and then the Bodie road for 7.4 miles.

Is this Sunshine Station? That's what everyone seems to be calling it, so we will too. A mere 126 feet on the Nevada side of the border, a nearby spring seems to supply water to feed the grass, making it a great location on the way to Bodie from Aurora. Paher's book has a photograph showing a wood cabin next to the road, and the ruins are made of rock, which leads one to wonder if, in fact, this is the same place. On another website, a photographer has a picture of some more substantial rock ruins which he says is Sunshine Station, but taken in another area. Regardless, the station was on the toll road between the two afore-mentioned locales. Paher says the toll-keeper was especially active in the 1870's.

Or possibly later, seeing as how they were chasing the owner for taxes in 1909.

Delmonte Canon, Sunshine Station about five miles above AUrora. State line of California and Nevada. $200, Tax, $5.80; delinquency and costs, $2.58
-Goldfield News and Weekly Tribune, January 9, 1909




The only thing we saw were rock foundations. Above the site there are lots of cans 'n' things, which makes us wonder if they were throwing them up hill when they were done with them, or if there was more up there and they have since fallen down.

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