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  Telluride (Humboldt Co.)

40°36'45.7"N 117°03'23.4"W
Antler Peak, NV Quad

VISITED 4/28/2018
Our breakfast: Black Rock Grill, Lovelock
Our dinner: Steaks at the Owl Club, Battle Mountain
Our motel: The Big Chief in Battle Mountain
Our Breakfast: Eggs at Broadway Colt Inn Casino, Battle Mountain
DIRECTIONS You're on your own. If you can find your way to the Willow Creek Campground, you should be able to manage.

Mining activity took place here as early as 1875, but the camp of Telluride didn't form until 1911. Well before the camp formed, the Battle Mountain Mining Company built a 30-ton concentrator to process ore from nearby mines. It closed in 1876, and there was little or no activity util J. Hutchins discovered the Dollar mine in November of 1910. A townsite was laid out in June and the camp had a population of 50, including a store and a saloon. But, due to its remoteness, it was abandoned by 1912.
-Shawn Hall, Romancing Nevada's Past

The new Nevada camp of Telluride is situated in the Battle mountain range, Lander county, near the head of Willow Creek, and some 25 miles from the town of Battle Mountain on the Soughtern Pacific Railroad. There is a good wagon road to winthin a mile and a half of the camp, and an excellent trail for the rest of the distance. It is only 16 miles from the railroad by the way of Valmy, and a movement is on foot to construct a wagon-road to this point. The main property and the only one on which any development work has been done, has recently been incorporated into the Dollar Mining Co. by Thomas Kearns and associates. Some stock has been sold, and propspecting work started on a a larger scale. The vein was found in the latter part of 1910 by J. Hutchins, but owing to heavy snows in that section, little work was done on it, and the discovery was not made public until this Spring. The camp is situated at an altitude of about 7500 feet, water is plentiful and wood is scarce. The discovery shaft is only down some 8ft when the present company acquired the property. Since then it has been continued to 30 ft. A townsite has been located, but the necessary elemnts for a Nevada boom are lacking, and consequently the camp is not growing very rapidly. the now nearly deserted camp of Bannock is only five miles distant. The main things needed in Telluride are money and work.
-Mining and Scientific Press, June 24, 1911


Due to the fact that the mining company had the road we wanted to take blocked, we never got to Telluride.

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