Victor We Visited: 10-14-2001
39 28' 47"N, 118 06' 04"W - WONDER MOUNTAIN quad

Directions: Highway 50E from Fallon 40 miles, Turn N on Dixie Valley Road (121) about 1.8 miles, Turn NE about 11.5 miles to Wonder. Left at Wonder, continue up Hercules Canyon a little over 2 miles, past Hercules, another left through Geiger Gap about 2.25 miles.

From Fallon: 58 miles

What Was

There were at least four mines active in the area during the boom days, along with the usual boarding house and a saloon or two. Most of the inhabitants probably lived in tents.

Post Office: Apr 8, 1907 to Dec. 31, 1907

Newspaper: None

What is

We found Victor particularly infuriating. Infuriating because the site is littered with broken bottles- with just the tops of the necks broken off. Stanley Paher's book mentions the remains of some rock foundations but we didn't spy any during out brief visit.

This is the area which seems to have the most debris, although the plat* shows streets on both sides of the road.
Many of the gullies and washes at Victor are filled with glass, cans, and small debris.
Someone tried to bring a little civilization to the area at one time.
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