The Victory Highway We Visited:
Location: Roughly, the present route of U.S. 40 and Interstate 80 Directions:
4WD: No  
Post Office:
  From Fallon:

What Was

The Victory Highway was a memorial to those who fought and died during World War One. It ran from Atlantic City to San Francisco. Generally, it follows the California Trail across the state. Travellers in those days relied on the Hobbs Guide to tell them what to expect while they travelled, and where interesting and neccessary places were. In 1926, the Victory Highway across Northern Nevada was designated U.S. 40, and it remained U.S. 40 until 1975.

What is

The Victory Highway follows what is presently Interstate 80 through Nevada. Outside of Fallon, the Lincoln Highway split off into northern and southern routes, which is why you see Lincoln Highway markers on Interstate 80 around Verdi.

1932 State of Nevada Highway Map shows Highways 40 and 50 traversing the state.
Map courtesy State of Nevada D.O.T.

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