Warm Springs (Peterson's) We Visited: March 7, 2007
Our Breakfast: Eggs 'n' omelettes at the Cold Springs Cafe!
Our Lunch: MRE's at New Pass
39° 33' 24"N, 117° 25' 46"W - MT. AIRY quad

Directions: From Fallon, take U.S. 50 East for 88.3 miles, then N on dirt road for 2.2 miles.


From Fallon: 90.5 miles

4WD or high clearance desired

What Was

A station of some sort, and a mill to work the ore from Newpass and possibly surrounding mines. The mill was transported from Austin in the mid-1860's to work ore from Newpass. Pete Peterson owned a ranch in Smith Creek Valley and the mill is named for him, as are the creek and station 22 miles to the south.

Post Office: None

Newspaper: None

What is

The station is now sans roof, there is a large pond of water which isn't warm enough to deserve the name "Warm Springs," and the ruins of a mill-like object to the east. The station is in pretty good shape, made of nice cut rock and adobe. There is a fairly good set of corrals close by that were/are used recently. Probably swarming with bugs in the summer, idyllic in early March.

A view of the station
The adobe is slowly melting away
What's left of the mill.
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