4WD or high clearance desired
  Wildcat Freight Station (Allen's Station, Alan's)

39° 16' 27"N, 118° 41' 38"W - CARSON LAKE quad

VISITED April 28, 2001.
DIRECTIONS South of Fallon on U.S. 95 for 14.1 miles, then east on local "road" for about six miles. From Fallon: 200 miles

Lemuel Allen, born 12 April 1839 in Ohio, started for the Carson Valley from Kansas in 1862, settling about 7 miles above Fort Churchill. He paid out his last two dollars to pay the toll to cross the bridge crossing the slough at the Carson Sink, where he lived until December of 1863. Then, he moved to the south side of the upper sink of the Carson River, referred to as Carson Lake, and established a station called "The Wild Cat" on the old "Pony Road." He took his father as a partner, and his mother and family when they arrived the following year. They remained unti 1867. He was later elected District Attorney of Churchill County and in 1875 elected to represent Churchill County in the State Assembly. (Thompson & West-HotSoN)


Kind of a nasty road for which you will need some ground clearance, and 4WD would make you feel a whole lot better I'm sure. Much erosion on the road. Ol' Lem built his station with what was on hand, and what's on hand is rocks. Partial walls of the station remain

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