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  Yankee Blade ( aka Yandleville) Lander Co.

39° 31' 55"N, 117° 03' 04"W USGS Yankee Blade Quad

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DIRECTIONS Highway US 50E from Fallon 109.4 miles past the junction of SR 305; continue on US 50E about an eighth of a mile and make a left (north) on local road; head north and then generally NE for about 2.1 miles; take left fork and travel about a third mile; take right and travel about 0.6 miles. From Fallon: 112.5 miles

Yankee Blade is another camp that came into being during the gold rush of 1863. A mere three miles away from Austin, there were over thirty stone or adobe buildings here at one time. Water in the mines caused operations to halt by 1867.

We have been shown by Wm. Neely johnson a new and splendid map of the town of Yankee Blade, formerly called Yandleville. The change of name, we understand, has been brought about at the instance of Mr. yandle, one of the proprietors, and was done fo rhte purpose of honoring the celebrated Yankee Blade ledge and district with the name of the town. A recent visit to this new sister city of ours has satisfied us that the Yankee people are progressive. Quite a busy, thriving place has suddenly sprung up, and we doubt not that in the early spring Yankee Blade will present quite a formidable rivalry to Austin.
1863 October 28 , Reese River Reveille Supplement

The Telegraph to Yankee Blade is now completed; an office has been opened. Mr. D. McDonalds of the Austin office will be stationed there as operator.
1863 November 18, Reese River Reveille

This tunnel upon which work was commenced upon 25th of August, and has been prosecuted at an expense of several hundred dollars, is situated about 100 rods north of hte town of Yankee Blade. The tunnel is being run to tap the northern extension of the Yankee Blade, and the southern extensions of the Yates and Yandle and Brown ledges as appears from the company notice.
1863 November 18, Reese River Reveille

Looks like things did not get off to a friendly start. Note the name "Yandleville" being used first.

All persons are notified that I hold by deed from John Miller, one of the original locators, the interest of said Miller in that certain tract of land located by Peoples, Hildreth and others, on the 27th of June 1863, and on which the town known as Yandleville is situate, and all persons are hereby notified not to tresspass in any manner on my interest in said premises, as they will be dealt with according to law.
1863 November 14, Reese River Reveille

All persons wishing to secure lots in the new and thriving town of Yankee Blade by applying soon can procure them at reasonable rates. The town of Yankee Blade is situated in the midst of the richest and most valuable mineral district in the entire Territory of Nevada. It is already the center of a large business locality, and has advantages of mineral, wood, and water, posessed by no other place in the vicinity. No place on this side of the mountains offers equal inducements to the poor man to lay foundation of a home and fortunes. Great inducements offered to actual settlers. Apply on the premises to I. M. Yandle, or J.H. Warwick, agents for the town properties.
1863 December 15, Reese River Reveille

I believe this was actually a Mr. J (not "i") Yandle , born in Pennsylvania around 1835, whose occupation was listed in the 1870 census as a teamster. Probably related to "F. Yandle" an English-born housekeeper eight or so years younger. the Reese River Reveille shows him as a trustee in the Cherokee Gold and Silver Mining Co. in the Summit district in Lander county, along with Thomas Brownejohn, Harry Wheeler, T.R. Posey, and S. W. Langhorne. It also mentions (11-7-1863) the Yates and Yandle Gold and Silver Mining Company, C.D. Bonestei, secretary.

All persons are hereby notified that I own an interest in the piece of ground on which the town of Yanke Blade is located, and no person can obtain a full title to any lots in said town either from I.M. Yandle. J.H. Warwick, or anyone else, without obtaining a deed from me; and all persons are warned against tresspassing in any manner on said premises, as they will be dealt with according to law. Mulford Nickerson, Austin
1863 December 15, Reese River Reveille

They tried dealing with the water, apparently without much success.

The Yankee Blade mine, situated in the Yankee Blade camp in this district, which was formerly one of the productive mines of this section, but which has been closed for a long while, will be opened again today under the superintendence of Mr. John Frost, of the Manhattan Company's works in this city. The mine is furnished with a powerful hoisting works by which it will be freed from a vast volume of water and put in condition for the operations of the workmen.
1868 May 20, Reese River Reveille

From several gentlemen just in from Yankee Blade we get the particulars of a curious occurrence which has taken place in that vicinity. In the neighborhood of Turner's mine, some men noticed what they at first took to be a moving or creeping of the ground, but on closer inspection they discovered an immense mass of insects moving over the ground. The insects are described as a cross between a gnat and a flea, and millions does not begin to express their numbers. This story was not told to us by a member of the Sazerac Lying Club, but by a man who leads a class in the Yankee Blade Sunday School, and he is vouched for by some of the most prominent, respectable, intelligent, truthful, honest and religious citizens of Yankke Blade.
1876 May 11, Reno Evening Gazette

But that didn't stop people form continuing to look

High grade choloride ore has recently been developed in the Yankee Blade mine at Austin
1888 April 19- Reno Evening Gazette



We found a few rock ruins hiding in the trees at Yankee Blade. Paher mentions that "Mill walls still stand" but we didn't locate anything that could be construed to resemble a mill. Thick trees prohibit a quick search, however. It's a pleasant area


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