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We Visited: February 15, 2002
We Visited: March 8, 2014
Our Breakfast:
Eggs at La Casita in Lovelock
Our Dinner : Bacon-wrapped sausages in a gravel pit somewhere.


From Fallon: Take US 95 north for 32.9 miles; turn east onto I80 towards Lovelock and proceed 28 miles to Exit 105; take frontage road (Business 95B) about 1.5 miles; turn left onto Main St.; go one block and turn left onto Western Ave (SR854).; proceed west 1 mile and turn north on Sand Hill Ave.; proceed 1.5 miles and turn west on Pitt Rd. (SR 399); proceed for 11.9 miles to dirt road; turn right onto dirt road; Proceed on Seven Troughs Rd for 13.2 miles.


Mazuma was, at one time, the largest camp in the Seven Troughs District. Founded in 1907, it had all the trappings of a large town, such as hotels, banks, fire department, and regular stage service, not to mention a ten stamp mill. Mazuma was destroyed in a series of flash floods down Seven Troughs Canyon, and never recovered. (Paher)

By mid 1908 Mazuma was the most prosperous town in the area. In six weeks of forming it had a mercantile house, three restaurants, a lodging house, five saloons, and two assay offices. Lots were selling for $400 to $750. Being constructed were a hotel for 80 guests, a broker's office and a real estate office. They had an excellent water supply-- the Mazuma Light and Water Co. spent $25,000 on a pipeline from Toby Springs.

From 1908 to early summer of 1912, Mazuma was the main town in the area and had about 600 residents. But on July 18, 1912, a flood swept down the canyon and destroyed all the buildings except one. Mazuma never recovered. (Shamberger)

POST OFFICE August 28 1907 - November 30, 1912
NEWSPAPER Mazuma Herald, Mazuma World, Seven Troughs District News, Seven Troughs Miner

Lots of scattered debris, and when we say scattered we mean scattered. That flood really did a number on this place. Of course, look at the pictures. It looks like the idiots built the town right in the middle of the wash. Hello!

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