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VISITED April 17, 2004.
Our Dinner
: Scrambled eggs, hash browns, and sausages!
April 19, 2014
Our Breakfast: Eggs at JD Slingers in Fallon
Our Dinner : Cheeseburgers at Middlegate Station
DIRECTIONS 47.3 miles east on Highway 50 to Middlegate; 29.8 miles south on SR 361 to the junction of SR 361 and SR844; 19.9 miles east on SR 844 to site- follow signs. From Fallon: 97 miles

The Berlin Mine was originally worked around 1895, but it wasn't until after 1898 that the thirty stamp mill was built and Berlin began to grow. At one point 250 people lived here, but by 1909 the mill ceased pounding rock. A cyanide mill worked the tailings from 1911 to 1914, and the mill was stripped during World War II. (Paher)

Never a large or prosperous mining camp, Berlin claim to fame is because of its inclusion into Nevada's Berlin Ichthyosaur State Park. That's not to say Berlin was without its troubles. From the Los Angeles Herald, Volume 33, Number 159, 8 March 1906:

POST OFFICE February 3, 1879 - October 31, 1901

On the day we chose to visit Berlin- a cold, snowy April Saturday- we had the town pretty much to ourselves. Even the rangers didn't come out, although I suspect it's because we arrived around their dinner time. We paid our $4.00 to get in the park, and there was a nice wide spot for us to turn around the truck and trailer, where we parked.

There are a dozen or so buildings still standing in Berlin. The rangers live in one and possibly two of them- we would have asked if that had shown themselves. Some of the buildings are filled with period articles although probably not the same way they would have been had someone been living in them or using them. Still, it's interesting to peer through the windows and look at everything. Each building has a small sign on it describing its occupants and purpose.

The mill has stamps and a few odds and ends in it, and it rather cavernous. You can imagine the unholy racket that must have occurred when all the machinery was in operation.

Since we hit Berlin on our way out of Grantsville, and the day was late and the weather was crummy, we didn't stay and explore the area as much as we would have liked.

UPDATE: We stopped at Berlin ten years later while we were in the area scaoping out a few more localities. Admission fee for Nevada residents is $5 now, not too bad considering. Wish they could open some windows so people could get some good photos without reflections, though.

Here is a short video fly-over we got before the rangers chased us off: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yzzMrd7hRCQ

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