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39 08' 54"N, 118 11' 57"W - BELL CANYON quad


From Fallon:

What Was

Perhaps the most extensive exploration of this site has been done by Dr. William C. Davis, Ph.D. of Fallon, in his book Historic Site Studies in Churchill County, Nevada. This book is available through the Churchill County Museum, by the way, so go buy a copy. Or two. Having never actually visited the site, we can only guess at the location based on his description in the book. But we know it's in Bell Canyon, so we've narrowed it down to only 10 or 11 square miles for you to search.

Hugh Shamberger mentions Canyon in his book, Fairview:

"Another townsite, called Canyon, was recorded October 10, 1906, and was about two and a half miles southeast Togo. Both of these townsites were within the Fairview Mining District. Very little further information was found about them and, no doubt like so many other camps, they were short-lived."

Davis states:

"The canyon drains out into a large wash with a large alluvial fan below at the dirt road in Bell Canyon. This Bell Canyon road was the old Downeyville freight road in the early 1900's.

It might be difficult getting to this site coming down the eastern side of Fairview Valley, unless you like the idea of F/A-18's mistaking you for a moving target. Better you should come down the road east of Fairview Peak where it's a bit more safe.

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What is

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