Eastgate We Visited: 10/6/2001
39 18' 20"N, 117 52' 43"W - EASTGATE quad

Directions: From Fallon take Highway 50 East for 50.5 miles; east of Old Highway 50 (SR 722) for 7.3 miles.

From Fallon: 55.6 miles

What Was

Paher's book notes that in the 1870's there was a small station located here, built from local rock, and a small vegetable farm servicing local travellers.The plat of East Gate City was filed with the Churchill County Recorder's Office on May 22, 1906. Shamberger's "The Story of Fariview" mentions Easgate:

"Already, said he, 'there are more than 500 people at East Gate and there is a continuous stream of people going in. New businesses are being erected in a night, and an air of prosperity pervades everything.' There are two saloons there, one restaurant, with several more projected, a butcher shop, and a general merchandise store will soon be in operation... Over two hundred and fifty lots have been sold, the corner lots bringing $100, while the inside lots brought $50 each."

Post Office: None

Newspaper: None

What is

The store and outbuildings are, of course, closed and no longer used as such. The house is lived in, so don't go peeking in the windows.

Bunny Corkill writes: "My family owned Eastgate Ranch from 1938-1962. ...They [the "ruins" in the photo on the next page] were small rooms with roofs. One was our meat house. They were constructed so they were very cool inside. At night the meat was hung outside to get cold, wrapped in canvas and hung back in the room to keep cool duing the day. Another room was for storage and another housed the "light plant" - generator. During the time that Don Nonella owned the ranch there was a fire that burned off the roof. Originally there was a huge barn with the roof made from large poles and willows and mud.... the same kind of roof as on the meat house. It breaks my heart to see the place in such disarray. The store has been closed since Highway 50 was re-routed through Cold Springs.

1924 Lincoln Highway map showing what we now call the old portion of Highway 50 (SR 722) being newly constructed, while the Lincoln Highway turns north at Eastgate to Alpine.
A view of Eastgate from Highway 50, about 2.5 miles to the southeast.
Eastgate Ranch, date unknown
Photo courtesy Churchill County Museum
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