Hercules We Visited: 10-14-2001
39 27' 51"N, 118 03' 41"W - WONDER MOUNTAIN quad

Directions: Highway 50E from Fallon 40 miles, Turn N on Dixie Valley Road (121) about 1.8 miles, Turn NE about 11.5 miles. Left at Wonder, continue up Hercules Canyon a little over 2 miles.

From Fallon: 55.8 miles

What Was

Hercules was a silver camp adjacent to Wonder, born of the mining boom and excitement of the era. Paher's book Nevada Ghost Towns &Mining Camps notes the St. Francis Hotel was the camp's largest structure but it burned down in 1907.

Post Office: Dec 1906 - Oct 1908

Newspaper: Hercules Miner (weekly) 1907-1908

What is

Hercules is situated in a shallow canyon loacted northwest of Wonder. Surprisingly, there are more artifacts left in Victor than Wonder since the latter is so well known and conveniently located. Cans abound, and there are lots of broken bottles and metal artifacts. Slighty up canyon from the actual townsite are a few wooden structures still standing. Someone wrote "Victor Garage" and stapled it on the inside of one of the structures, probably not knowing that Victor is almost three miles away. Most of the mines are pretty much caved in and surrounded by tiny fences.

Hercules Canyon
That's a long ways down.
Miner's cabin
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