La Panta (Mineral County) We Visited: 8-9-2003
Our Dinner: Italian sausage and eggs
38 44' 48"N, 117 51' 24"W - GOLDYKE quad

Directions: Highway 95S from Fallon 71.4 miles to Hawthorne; continue east on Highway 95S out of Hawthorne for 9.5 miles and turn right on Garfield Flats Road; South on Garfield Flats road for 5.5 miles; turn left on local road for 0.3 miles

From Fallon: 86.7 miles

What Was

Discovered and mostly active in the 1870's and 1880's. The La Panta Mine is said to have produced $300,000 in ore, mostly gold, but by 1936 the property was idle and the equipment removed. (Mines of Churchill and Mineral County)

Post Office:


What is

Not really a ghost town per se, but this was a productive mine with some support structures, one of which is still standing.

An old peice of glass
This shack is made out of hollow boxes.
Hoisting machinery waits at the La Panta Mine
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