4WD or high clearance desired
  Nevada Hills (aka Fairview)

39.2517573N, 118.1845369W - DRUMM SUMMIT quad

VISITED 5/18/2002
DIRECTIONS 39 miles east of Fallon on HIghway 50- turn right (south) at historical marker travel about 4.5 miles.
From Fallon: 43.5 miles

Nevada Hills could have been called "New Fairview" as it was basically just Fairview that moved two miles closer to the mines. I hear it was sometimes referred to as "Upper Fairview" just because it was easier.

POST OFFICE Oct. 9, 1907- Mar. 19, 1908

Since Nevada Hills is "up the road a piece" from Fairview it hasn't been picked entirely clean. There is debris and some interesting artifacts laying about, but for the most part there isn't much there except a sense of history. For ruins, you have to continue up the road to the mines and the mill.

The "Photographs" link will take you to the same page at the "Photographs" page for Fairview because (a) I'm lazy, and (b) sometimes I'm not exactly sure which ones belong where and (c) they are sometimes labeled "Fairview" when it's actually "Upper Fairview" and (d) I'm lazy.

UPDATE: For some reason, the Navy has fenced off this historic site. Why they can't fence off their bombing range instead is another story, but unless there is a back way into Fairview that's accessible, it's now apparently off limits. The Navy has not responded to either my emails or letters.


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