Red Top We Visited: 10-14-2001
39 27' 54"N, 118 07' 25"W - WONDER MOUNTAIN quad

Directions: US 50 East for 40 miles, then 12.3 miles north on Dixie Valley Road (SR121) Proceed east into Red Top Gulch for 3 miles.

From Fallon: 55.3 miles

What Was

More of a location than a town, Red Top was platted but never actually progressed past a "tent city." Ore deposits gave out before anything substantial could take place. An offshoot of the Wonder boom.

Post Office: None

Newspaper: None

What is

Located in Red Top Gulch due south of Victor, the site is fairly unremarkable. There are no structures, nor any sign that structures ever existed. The only sign of previous habitation are the many broken bottles, cans, and assorted debris that have collected in the small gullies, ravines, and washes in the area.

Aside from small collections of broken glass, cans, wood, and metal, there isn't much to mark the previous location of Red Top.
Like Victor, many partial bottles lay strewn around the site.
They seem to always leave their beds behind
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