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We Visited: February 15, 2002
We Visited: March 8, 2014
Our Breakfast:
Eggs at La Casita in Lovelock
Our Dinner : Bacon-wrapped sausages in a gravel pit somewhere.


From Fallon: Take US 95 north for 32.9 miles; turn east onto I80 towards Lovelock and proceed 28 miles to Exit 105; take frontage road (Business 95B) about 1.5 miles; turn left onto Main St.; go one block and turn left onto Western Ave (SR854).; proceed west 1 mile and turn north on Sand Hill Ave.; proceed 1.5 miles and turn west on Pitt Rd. (SR 399); proceed for 11.9 miles to dirt road; turn right onto dirt road; proceed about 0.6 miles and bear left; proceed generally NW for about 6.9 miles.


Vernon was the commercial hub of the area for about five years beginning in 1905; about 300 people lived here. In the 1920's, most of the buildings were hauled off to Tunnel. (Paher)

two real estate offices, a livery, and a feed stable. The town site had 720 lots. Between 1907 and 1908 there were 600 people living here, although the number dropped to 50 by 1911. Water was hauled from the troughs in Seven troughs Canyon and sold by the barrel at about $2.50 a barrel (which would be about $63 in 2012 currency) The Vernon Water, Power & Light Company planned on building a reservoir and piping in water, but the plan apparently never materialized. A well was sunk out in the flats in 1908 and produced water for the town, hauled in barrels. Later, it was equipped with a windmill for stock watering. Horse-drawn stages ran between Seven Troughs and Lovelock, leaving the former at 6:30 every morning and leaving the latter at 7:00 every morning. The fare was $5.00 and $8.00 for a round trip ticket. ($122 and $200 in 2012 dollars, respectively) (Shamberger)

POST OFFICE October 31, 1906 - July 31, 1918
NEWSPAPER Vernon Miner, Vernon Review, Seven Troughs Miner

There isn't much left of Vernon except the old jail and lots of scattered debris. Seems like the jail is in worse shape than ever and one of the walls have a pronounced lean to it now. There are some more ruins up the canyon near the Portland Mine.

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