White Plains We Visited: January 2004
39 54' 28"N, 118 49' 03"W - WHITE PLAINS quad

Directions: From Fallon, take U.S. 95 North for 33 miles, then west on Interstate 80 for 4.4 miles and take off on Exit 78. Proceed SE on local roads for about 0.25 miles to historical marker.

From Fallon: 38 miles

4WD or high clearance desired

What Was

White Plains was a side track on the railroad. There was a 5 stamp mill built in 1864 to service the nearby Desert Queen mine and possibly some others. but I don't have any information pinpointing its location. In 1870 salt deposits drew interest and solar evaporators 58 feet in width were built. Levees about 2.3 miles to the SW may also have been part of the complex, and if so were built around 1877. Salt shipments were made as late as 1912. (Paher, NGT&MC; Fey, King, Lepisto, ES)

Post Office: June 1879 - Jul 1909

Newspaper: The Churchill News, was printed once on 3/31/1888.

What is

Not a lot- a marker for the California Immigrant Trail, and lots of rusting metal, tons of broken glass, and a few odds and ends, broken and scattered. A future visit is planned to the salt evaporators. Woo hoo! Since the site is right off I-80, the family car will suffice, but if you plan on venturing off road better bring a 4WD since the area is quite sandy in places.

A view SE across the White Plains, and the Forty Mile Desert
A sign posted by Trails West marking the Truckee Trail section of the California Immigrant Trail, which passes through White Plains.
A bit of pottery
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